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Covid 19 Series 

Dear artists and fans, SurBandhan is delighted to inform you that it is commencing a series of music poetry dance, Orisons, from June and for the near future as a response to Covid 19. Our events will be of high quality sound and videos. We continue support world class, established and emerging artists and all art forms will be considered. Please get in touch via our email or website www.surbandhan.com, if you would like to feature.


Surbandhan is an equal opportunities arts organisation curating events with the highest of artists and giving a platform to emerging and budding artists. We only request that you sing or play  in tune a complet performance. 

WORKSHOPS & Practise sessions

We frequenty hold workhops and practice sessions .


  1.  To spread Indian Classical music as far as possible
  2.  To use fusion and modern settings whilst uolding tenents of raag music
  3.  Turn listeners into artists 


Get in touch with Surbandhan for


  • Project colaborations 
  • offering workshops 
  • Performances
  • talks 
  • Education in Inidan Classical Music 

Sur Bandhan Society is a leading multicultural Arts organisation run by a group of established and emerging artists with passion for Indian Classical Music since 2012. In 2017 Sur Bandhan started the #RaagaFestival , which they try to hold every year. Also, #Raagaisahumanright in 2018, and #RaagProbaho in 2019, all being projects that provided quality workshops and events of Indian Classical and Semi Classical music Surbandhan creates a vibrant multicultural platform bringing together artists regardless of how big or how new they are.


March 03, 2019

Sur Bandhan's first program  this year was held on 3rd March 2019 in KNC.  Main attraction Ustad Fida Hussain Khan made the audience buzz.  Singers Rinku Sinha, Shahadat Masum, Nargis Rahat, Piya Mayenin, Asma Matin, Hasina Pastor Kajol, Yuhannes and Yasmeen Rahman took part.  The audience included Alaur Rahman, Shamol Kanto Choudhury,and others. Alaur Rahman sang in duet with Ustad Fida Hussain, Yaad Piya ki Aye. Rashida Khan Banu and other students of Ustad Fida Hussain joined in Dhamadam mast kalander 

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