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Covid -19 Support 

Arts Council England Emergency Response Fund

ACE is making £20 million available to individuals working in the cultural sector, including artists, creative practitioners and freelancers.

You can read ACE’s Chief Executive Darren Henley’s blog here.

Are you eligible? The fund is for :

Creative individuals who are directly affected by the coronavirus outbreak;

Freelance workers;

England based.

There are grants available for up to £2,500 or £3,000 if you have extra cost relating with a disability.

You must have:

made or delivered work that has been funded by public money;

and at least half (50%) of your income must come from your creative work

You can read full information and guidelines for this funding here

Application dates:

Deadline 1: Opens 9th April – Deadline 16th April

Deadline 2: Open 16th April – Deadline 30th April

Register on the Arts Council online portal here

Full information here

Other funds available:

Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund

PRS Fund

PRS Sustaining Creativity Fund

Musicians Union Fund

Government Schemes

If you have never applied for arts funding before and are feeling the impact of COVID-19, you may still be eligible for some of these schemes.  Please read the funding guidelines at the above mentioned links.

Another excellent resource is through Help Musicians who provide information on a range of topics including support on health issues and mental well being.

We are here to support artists with any questions regarding funding.

Please contact us at

We wish you all the best with your applications and in getting through this period.

Chairperson , Piya Mayenin 

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Sur Bandhan Society is a leading multicultural Arts organisation run by a group of established and emerging artists with passion for Indian Classical Music since 2012. In 2017 Sur Bandhan started the #RaagaFestival , which they try to hold every year. Also, #Raagaisahumanright in 2018, and #RaagProbaho in 2019, all being projects that provided quality workshops and events of Indian Classical and Semi Classical music Surbandhan creates a vibrant multicultural platform bringing together artists regardless of how big or how new they are.


March 03, 2019

Sur Bandhan's first program  this year was held on 3rd March 2019 in KNC.  Main attraction Ustad Fida Hussain Khan made the audience buzz.  Singers Rinku Sinha, Shahadat Masum, Nargis Rahat, Piya Mayenin, Asma Matin, Hasina Pastor Kajol, Yuhannes and Yasmeen Rahman took part.  The audience included Alaur Rahman, Shamol Kanto Choudhury,and others. Alaur Rahman sang in duet with Ustad Fida Hussain, Yaad Piya ki Aye. Rashida Khan Banu and other students of Ustad Fida Hussain joined in Dhamadam mast kalander 

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